Plant-Based Weight Loss Pill Calocurb Rapidly Expands Globally

The ground-breaking plant-based dietary supplement calocurb™ is rapidly expanding internationally. Last week Iceland joined the list of countries that the supplement is now available in, which includes the United States, China and New Zealand. According to calocurb’s maker – LifeStream – there are plans to launch in Vietnam, Mexico and Malaysia very soon. This news comes on the heels of calocurb receiving phenomenal reviews worldwide and positive study findings:

Positive Independent Reviews
Becca Ludlum from My Crazy Good Life covered calocurb in a piece called “Reasons I Use This Natural Weight Management Supplement.” She writes that, while she was sceptical at first, she decided to try calocurb after learning that it had only three plant-based natural ingredients.

After a week or so of using the product, Becca describes, “I notice that I feel less hungry, that is all. Being less hungry definitely makes me think about food less, which allows me to feel more in control of what I eat.”

Becca also happily adds that there were no side effects, especially considering a drop in her blood sugar levels generally triggers a migraine, and that calocurb helps her stay on track on her diet.

The lifestyle site, On Better Living also shared a similar set of results in their post called “Say Goodbye to Cravings with This 100% Plant-Based Supplement.”

After taking calocurb for three consecutive nights, they write, “calocurb definitely seems to be curbing my hunger in the evening. I haven’t snacked at all and I’ve increased the duration of my fast from 16 to 18 hours… I feel satiated throughout the night without nausea or the jitters.”

Positive Study Findings
The supplement itself is being regarded as a breakthrough in the war against obesity in light of positive study findings.

The first clinical trial confirmed the bitter plant ingredient – Amarasate extract – effectively suppressed appetite in study participants and reduced the amount of food they ate.

It has taken the team six years to identify the plant and develop the extract for clinical testing said study lead Ingram, who presented the findings of the study at a European Obesity Summit in Sweden last month.

The extract targeted bitter taste receptors that work to increase a feeling of fullness in the gut, Ingram said. “What we have done is to target specific bitter taste receptors that we know are expressed by these cells to enhance the satiety signalling.”

Calocurb launched New Zealand and the US last year and is a 100% plant-based dietary supplement that supports weight management and appetite control in an organic and natural manner.

Amarasate is the active ingredient in calocurb, and is a specific New Zealand grown hop flower extract and developed by Plant & Food Research, the largest Crown Research Institute in New Zealand.
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Calocurb want you to know that you don’t have to go through your health journey alone, as no matter what your social media preference is, there’s a Calocurb community full of like-minded people going through the same things as you, just waiting for you to join them online.

Beginning with Calocurb on Facebook, ,

following their Facebook page not only means that you’ll be kept up to date with all their latest news and updates, you’ll also be connected with a whole community of people who are on the same health journey as you.

You can also join the closed Happy Healthy Living Support Group which allows you to get community updates straight to your news feed. If you’re on a health journey and are looking for a like-minded support system, Facebook Groups are an amazing place to start.

Calocurb on Instagram, is a visual platform that makes it the perfect one-stop-shop for your health journey, and will never fail to inspire. Similarly, with Calocurb on LinkedIn, , there is a strong LinkedIn network to back you up. If you’re the kind of person in search of high quality educational content and want to read success stories, myth-busting content, and articles backed up by science, then LinkedIn is the place.

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Calocurb Demystify The Latest Diet Fads

Although Calocurb recommend the age old method of smaller portions, fewer snacks and healthier food choices, they are happy to put forward some information on the latest diet fads so that you have this at your fingertips when deciding on your journey to ultimate health and fitness.

Ketogenic Diet – Fat is back in this ultra-low-carb, high-fat diet. Keto calls for more protein and cutting carbs to achieve a natural process called ketosis, where the body uses fat for energy instead of sugar.

Paleo – The Paleo diet is all about cutting out modern foods and returning to our hunter-gatherer roots. The focus is on lean protein, fruits and vegetables over calorie and sodium-rich processed foods.

Intermittent Fasting – Intermittent fasting is all about alternating when you do and don’t eat. Like Paleo, it’s designed to mimic our ancient eating habits – in this case, feast and famine. There are several different ways to fast, from alternative-day fasting (25% of your regular intake on fasting days and 125% on feast days) to same day, time-restricted fasting and the popular 5:2 fast diet (5 normal and 2 fasting days each week).

The Raw Food Diet – Raw Foodies believe that cooking reduces the value of nutrients and enzymes needed for digestion and disease prevention. The diet calls for food to be eaten raw or below 45 degrees. Anything cooked, processed, pasteurized, irradiated, or not in its “natural-state” is off-limits.

The Alkaline Diet – The alkaline diet starts from the premise that foods impact the body’s internal pH levels and a more alkaline diet improves health and possibly prevents disease. The eating plan focuses on eating alkaline-promoting foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, while eliminating acid-promoting foods like meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, and alcohol.

Calocurb say it helps to remember that hunger is normal, natural and proof that our healthy lifestyle changes are working, . Research has demonstrated that bitter compounds support a feeling of fullness or satiety, and with Calocurb’s patented capsule, the hop flower extract is delivered and, with the help of canola seed oil, released directly in the small intestine where it’s most effective.


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Help Manage Your Appetite and Cravings With Calocurb

Calocurb is a 100% natural supplement with just three plant-based ingredients that supports appetite management and healthy food choices. Calocurb is a plant-based New Zealand innovation that contains a unique extract from hops grown at the top of the South Island here in New Zealand. It supports the management of appetite, overeating, and hunger so you can feel confident about healthy eating.

There are no chemical preservatives, but to helps the active ingredient to stay stable includes rosemary, that’s right, the same herb you throw into your Bolognese. The third ingredient is Canola oil. When it comes to oil, Canola oil is one of the good guys. Not only does it help your body absorb the hops extract, but it’s also rich in Omega-3s and low in saturated fats.

Consisting of 100% plant-based, natural New Zealand botanicals with no animal derivatives, stimulants or synthetics. Calocurb is a simple tool for supporting healthy weight management. The only guideline is to take one capsule an hour before meal or snack time (up to two capsules per day). While calocurb represents a breakthrough in weight management innovation, it is not a silver bullet for weight loss. calocurb is designed to be used alongside any and all fitness and diet regimes in support of your health and wellbeing goals.

As with any dietary supplement, concerned customers should consult their healthcare provider before using Calocurb, especially those with a medical condition, who are taking medications, or have known adverse reactions or allergies, so for more information on belly fat, fat-burning foods and health pills please go to